Juvelisto School of Metal Arts

Upon opening the doors at Juvelisto Design in 2011, the same question kept arising from our patrons “Do you teach jewellery making classes?”. In the early days of Juvelisto, we simply didn’t have the space, resources or time to facilitate a jewellery school but it was then that the dream began. Sasha and her staff began brainstorming and manifesting how and where they could open the school. By serendipitous chance, our neighboring retail space became available and we knew right away the right time had finally come to build the Juvelisto School of Metal Arts. 2014 was spent designing and custom building our unique jewellery school workshop as well as creating the curriculum for our classes. The registration for our first few classes on the schedule sold out quickly and we opened our doors to teaching in April of 2015.

Since opening Juvelisto School of Metal Arts, it has been nothing but a pleasure and an exciting adventure for us at Juvelisto, truly a dream come true. Our staff and instructors have so much passion for jewellery making and find it such an honor to be able to share their beloved craft with our students.


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  • Juvelisto is a fun and inspiring atmosphere and a great group of people to work with.
    We require our goldsmiths to have at least 10 years of professional experience making handmade pieces of jewellery (gold, platinum, silver). Duties will also include stone setting, resizing, mounting, and expert repair. We always love when someone joins our team bringing new perspective and ideas.
    To apply please include a short description of yourself and your resume, photographs of your recent work and trade references if available.

    Goldsmith / Bench Jeweller

    We are looking for an experienced goldsmith / bench jeweller to join our busy jewellery design studio.
    We have both part-time and full-time positions available, compensation will be on an hourly basis, the hourly rate will be negotiated depending on experience.

    Goldsmith / Gemstone Setter

    We are looking for an experienced goldsmith that specializes in gemstone setting to join our busy jewellery design studio. This position requires that the goldsmith have the ability to perform the following types of stone setting: Pave, channel, tension, gypsy, prong, and bezel.
    We have a part-time gem setter position available, compensation will be on an hourly basis, the hourly rate will be negotiated depending on experience.

    Jewellery instructor

    Juvelisto School of Metals Arts is looking for a new part time instructor to join our team. To apply for this position we require that the individual applying has multiple years of jewellery making experience in different techniques or specializes in a specific jewellery making technique. It would be beneficial for applicants to have experience in jewellery instruction but not necessarily essential to apply.
    We are looking to expand the jewellery making courses on our current schedule, adding new classes and more days/evenings during the week and/or weekend. We are open to new ideas and what the skillsets the applicant brings to the table. This position is open ended in a way that we will schedule classes that fit within our current class schedule and your schedule. You availability and skill set will determine which classes you teach and how often you are scheduled.
    Those who wish to instruct at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts must be vibrant, outgoing, skilled and patient individuals that are passionate about their craft. We strive to make our school a fun and educational environment.
    Our instructors are paid on an hourly bases and the rate is determined based on experience. Private contractors are welcomed as well.

  • The best way to describe our studio, in the words of one of our instructors, is “this is the space I wish I learned how to make jewellery in”. The Juvelisto School of Metal Arts Studio is a truly inspiring space, for at every turn you are surrounded by metal art and contemporary interior design. The focal point of the studio and centre of the creation process begins with the 8 seater custom jewellers bench built from reclaimed wood and hand-forged wrought iron. Each individual bench space is fully equipped with a torch, soldering station, flex-shaft and full set of essential hand-tools. Having each student fully equipped in the classroom means less waiting and more creating! Throughout the classroom is a variety of different shared equipment pieces such as specialty hammers, rolling mills, vices, metalsmithing stumps/anvils, precision tools, punches, stamps, tumblers, cleaners, a kiln, melting station, and much more. Our school strives to make the learning environment a clean, fun, positive, and inspiring one but most of all, we want to make our space your happy place.
  • Studio Policies

    • Each student must sign a legal waiver of responsibilities upon arrival to the classroom.
    • Minimum age requirement for our courses is 16 years old and a parent or guardian must sign the legal waiver of responsibilities.
    • We require each student to inform us if they have any health issues that may hinder their ability to follow instruction or operate machinery prior to signing up for a class.
    • We require each student to inform us if they take any medication that may hinder their ability to follow instruction or operate machinery prior to signing up for a class.
    • For the safety of our students, we will ask an individual to leave the class if they appear to be intoxicated.
    • We do not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards our instructors, staff or other students.
    • Ultimately, we want our classes to be a fun, enjoyable and safe experience for every student.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    • We offer a full refund only if cancellation is received more than 14 days or more prior to the first class. Notice must be received by email, telephone or in person.
    • We offer credit towards another class if cancellation is received between 48 hours and 14 days of class beginning. Notice must be received by email, telephone or in person.
    • There are no refunds or credit if notice of cancellation is received less than 48 hours prior to the class beginning.
    • No refund will be issued for cancellation after the class has begun.
    • There is no refund or credit offered for missed classes.
    • In the event that the instructor of the program falls ill or there is weather that inhibits the instructor or students from attending a class, that particular class will be re-scheduled for the next available date.
    • We require a minimum registration of four students per class to go forward with a scheduled class. If we do not have enough students enrolled we will cancel the class. In the event of a cancellation we will issue a credit or a full refund.
  • Do I have to have any previous experience to take a jewellery class?
    Do I have to provide my own materials, tools or supplies?
    Do I have to be creative to take your courses?
    Will I finish the course with a completed piece of jewellery?
    Can I customize my design in the project based classes? (ex. Add gemstones, use a different metal, etc. )
    Do you teach how to work in gold?
    Can I use my own silver/gold?
    Can my friend or partner come and watch while I learn?
    Are the fumes toxic?
    During all day courses, is there a lunch break and where do we eat?


Meet our team

Sasha ShkolnikLeanne GuthrieAndrea RobertsKelly AllansonBruce McCorkellJessica Atkinson

Sasha Shkolnik – Goldsmith and Owner of Juvelisto

Sasha Shkolnik first studied at the State Art School in the Ukraine where she learned many different forms of art. She designed theatrical props, painted with oil and moved into making ceramics for a few years just to find herself creating jewellery out of clay and porcelain. It was then she knew that in order to express her talent to the best of her abilities she needs to learn metal arts. Upon finding her new home in Canada it was then that she realized that she must pursue her jewellery passion. Sasha went back to school to study Jewellery Art and Design and continued on that path for nearly twenty years working as a professional goldsmith for some of the most renowned jewellers in Vancouver, BC.
In 2008, Sasha opened a home based studio in Richmond, B.C. where she began designing and creating custom pieces for private clients all the while still working full time for two other jewellery companies. Over the years the number of clientele had grown, so in 2011 Sasha decided to venture out on her own and open a retail jewellery store and design studio in a beautiful historical part of Richmond, B.C. An occasional weekend walk in Steveston Village resulted in spotting a lovely storefront available for lease and Sasha had an instant vision of her future business. In March 2011 Sasha’s company, Juvelisto Design, opened the doors for the first time. Immediately Juvelisto created interest among the locals and visitors of Steveston. Since its opening, Juvelisto has been very successful because it has developed a reputation for being known for its extraordinary level of craftsmanship and customer service. Since opening Juvelisto Design, Sasha had dreamt of opening a jewellery school and that dream came true when she opened the doors to the Juvelisto School of Metal Arts in April of 2015.

Owner and instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts
Sasha Shkolnik – Owner and instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts

Leanne Guthrie – Goldsmith and Gemmolgist

Leanne Guthrie has been working at Juvelisto Design since 2011 alongside Sasha Shkolnik as a goldsmith and professional sales staff. Leanne first tried her hand at jewellery making in 2002 while attending high school in Cloverdale, B.C. After graduating high school, she went on to study Jewellery Art and Design and Gemmology at Vancouver Community College, achieving the honor of distinction for graduating at the top of her Gemmology class. Since her introduction to the jewellery industry Leanne has worked in various areas of the jewellery industry from jewellery supply, jewellery sales and has worked for multiple designers helping them bring their jewellery concepts to life . In 2009, Leanne started her own home-based jewellery business, a line of sterling silver and gemstone jewellery called LeaFloria Jewellery Creations. In 2014, Leanne assisted Sasha Shkolnik with the conception and creation of Juvelisto School of Metal Arts and is now the instructor for many of the classes offered at the school.

Leanne Guthrie - instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts
Leanne Guthrie – instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts

Andrea Roberts – Goldsmith

Andrea Roberts, a certified goldsmith, is originally coming from Germany, where she received her education and European Goldsmithing Diploma at one of the oldest and finest European trade schools – Goldschmiedeschule Pforzheim. She worked alongside Master Goldsmiths and set up production departments, participated in numerous craft shows and was responsible for store production and support before moving to Canada 1996 where she established her own studio. Since 1999 Andrea is a Circle Craft CO-OP member. In 2004 one of her pieces was commissioned by the former Governor-General, Adrienne Clarkson as a present of state for her majesty Sonia, Queen of Norway representing Canadian Arts and Craft. “I am motivated by originality from the inspiration of an idea to the finish of the design execution and process. Each piece I am creating becomes a creative statement, unique in shape, color and texture”. Andrea is also a passionate educator and facilitator fostering new talents that emerge into our vibrant art community. Since 1999 she is teaching jewellery making programs with VSB Continuing Ed, Langara CS @ VSB, Juvelisto School of Metal Arts and her own private studio.
“I love to mentor students and help them advance and explore their artistic vision. Creating opportunities where professionals share their knowledge is vital to maintaining a healthy community where our human experience can thrive best”.

Andrea Roberts - instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts
Andrea Roberts- instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts

Kelly Allanson – Goldsmith

Kelly Allanson‘s nomadic lifestyle has formed much of her designs and experiences. Spending her childhood summers exploring small bays on the BC coast via sailboat, and the trails by foot. Nature has always been an integral part of her designs and is often seen throughout it. By incorporating the textures she finds in other materials and objects around her, she’s continually trying to bridge the two. This allows the wearer can react to her pieces with more than just the visual.
Adult life led her throughout North America and parts of Europe. It is hard to say which place felt most like home, but each etched out a special spot in her heart; one day to be revisited. Kelly’s focus is on creating individual pieces for people that are looking for that perfect special something. A remake of a family ring, a new milestone in one’s life, a remembrance. She often uses recycled metals and stones. Re-fabricating it from scratch and bringing it to new life.
A well versed and exceptional instructor in many jewelry techniques. Kelly shares knowledge willingly and easily. As a jeweller and an artist, self-expression is a fundamental part of her teachings and personal design.
Kelly graduated from VCC Jewellery Art & Design Program in 2000. She is now back in Vancouver, BC with her family, after years of travelling and can be found sitting at her bench creating jewelry or in various other studios teaching workshops.

Andrea Roberts - instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts
Kelly Allanson – instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts

Bruce McCorkell – Gemcarver and Goldsmith

Bruce McCorkell first started carving gemstones in 1995, after witnessing a demonstration by a local master carver.
While he is primarily a self-taught artist, he has had the privilege of studying with and learning from other North American gem carvers. In his career as a gem carver, Bruce has produced gem carvings for local jewellers, galleries, private collectors and has competed internationally.
Today his focus is on pushing the limits of his abilities and sharing with others the art form he fell in love with.

Bruce McCorkell - instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts
Bruce McCorkell – instructor at Juvelisto School of Metal Arts

Jessica Atkinson

Jessica Atkinson was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, where she currently resides. She has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and a Diploma in Jewellery Art and Design from Vancouver Community College (VCC). Jessica’s work has been featured in the VCC 2017 & 2018 year-end student shows, Vancouver’s 2017 Circle Craft Market, and Being Seen, an exhibition hosted by the Craft Council of BC in 2019. Jessica has been working at Juvelisto since the summer of 2018, where she is involved in supporting customers and taking care of the shop, as well as teaching and registration for Juvelisto School of Metal Arts.