Freeflow Silversmithing Class – July 27

Freeflow Silversmithing Class – July 27


For those of you who have not participated in this class before, the free flow class is designed for our experienced students who have become familiar with the basics of jewellery making and are looking to advance their skills. How it works is you decide what you want to make and the instructor helps you bring your design to life. This way, you can learn specific processes that may not be currently offered in another course or your time in the Free Flow course could simply be guided studio time where an instructor is there to help you as needed. Since the materials are specific to each individual’s project, you can either supply your own materials or we can supply them to you at an additional charge.

This class has a maximum seating capacity of 6 students so more time can be dedicated to the individual learning needs of each student. Also, this course requires that each student registered has taken a certain amount of jewellery making classes so that the students in the course are familiar with the basics of jewellery making, how equipment is used and the safety orientation is not necessary.

Workshops will not run until sufficient enrollment has been met. We recommend students register at least 10 days before class start dates to avoid disappointment.

The more the merrier! Feel free to spread the word to friends and family as this helps ensure classes will fill.