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That’s So Bezel!

In this course, you will create a prominent pendant with a bezel-set cabochon stone as its centrepiece. We will have a selection of beautiful gemstones to choose from. Our instructor will also supply you with different design idea templates to create a unique piece for your gem to be set into. You will learn a variety of essential jewellery-making skills such as how to transfer your design onto sterling silver where you will drill, cut, solder and polish the metal to bring your chosen design to life.

Event Series Soldering Bootcamp

Soldering Bootcamp

On the road to becoming goldsmiths ourselves and since opening our own jewellery school, we have learned a few things on the way. One of them being – soldering is a tricky process for beginners to nail down and it takes tons of practice.  For those who desperately need to learn to solder – WELCOME SOLDERING BOOTCAMP!  This is a two-day, all-day, weekend workshop that focuses on repetitive soldering. At the end of the weekend, you will have learned how to create a hand-made sterling silver bracelet.

Solitaires and Stacks with Stones

Spend a day in the workshop learning to create 3 unique sterling silver stacking rings,  2 with gemstones and one plain (textured or polished)! Each ring will be made from a different shape of wire: square, twisted, or half-round. Using bezel and basket/prong setting techniques, students will learn to set a 3 mm gemstone into each ring. Since the stone setting is best practiced on synthetic and lab-created gems, participants can choose from cubic zirconia and synthetic sapphire, ruby, or emerald. These one-of-a-kind rings can be worn as solitaires or stacks. Customize them all for yourself or create them as gifts for your loved ones!

Freeflow Silversmithing Class

For those of you who have not participated in this class before, the free flow class is designed for our experienced students who have become familiar with the basics of jewellery making and are looking to advance their skills. How it works is you decide what you want to make and the instructor helps you bring your design to life. This way, you can learn specific processes that may not be currently offered in another course or your time in the Free Flow course could simply be guided studio time where an instructor is there to help you as needed. Since the materials are specific to each individual’s project, you

Event Series Beginner Silversmithing Bootcamp

Beginner Silversmithing Bootcamp

This course has been specially designed to introduce our students to the world of silversmithing by teaching a variety of captivating and essential skills. For some, this will be a fun way to learn something new and pick up a new hobby, and for others, it might begin a journey to become a silversmith. Come spend 2 comprehensive days learning the basics of Silversmithing. With hands-on practice, students will learn the foundation skills of silversmithing. Students will complete 2 projects in 2 days. Each project focuses on different areas of metalwork. On day one the students will work on sawing and sweat soldering layers of metal to create a pendant